Essential oils


Since time immemorial, dozens of medicinal plants with recognised therapeutic virtues have grown on the estate. The “Mascos” (healers from the area) regularly climbed its slopes in their search for the best remedies.

Sophie Mestdagh has decided to carry on this tradition.

Through our facial and body treatment range you will soon be able to benefit from the remarkable properties of our plants, vines and olive trees. The high concentration of these plants on the estate is associated with two revolutionary plant-based ingredients: chitin-glucan and chitosan.


The estate stands out for the number of plants that grow on it. More than fifty have been catalogued. Before experiencing the beneficial properties of some of them in our range of treatments, you can discover them during a visit to the estate.

The arbutus, a bush with anti-inflammatory properties; Aleppo pine and its nuts; rosemary and thyme, whose essential oils are used extensively in cosmetics, or the almond tree, moisturising and wound healing by nature, just like the turpentine tree; the Butcher’s broom, emollient; the satureja, a stimulant and antiseptic like the everlasting flower, not forgetting traditional lavender, calming and disinfecting, the fortifying madder root, and, naturally, borage, a great moisturiser and tranquiliser.