The grey stone of Mont Sainte-Victoire, mixed with red loams, contrasts with the green of the vines and the shine of the olive trees.

The alchemy between the plants (olive trees, vines, lavender), scrubland, respect for Nature and the harmoniously-designed buildings all confirm our determination to conserve a unique natural area by respecting Provençal cultural traditions.

Our olive groves, truffle oaks and fields of aromatic plants are all converted to organic agriculture.

As for the vineyard, it has been tended for more than ten years under organic principles. No herbicide or insecticide is used. Treatments against mildew and oidium are basically prepared from sulphur and Bordeaux mixture, as in organic agriculture generally. Likewise, manure is a fertilizer approved in organic farming.

However, we do maintain the option of spraying synthetic products depending on the number of pests, and then only to ensure that the crop is not endangered.