Cuvée Exception

Cuvée Cuvée Exception

Cuvée Exception mostly consists of wines vinified in stainless steel vats. Excellent temperature control (grape harvesting at night, cooling all the harvest, vats with climatized walls...) and rigorous protection against oxidation after the harvest until the wine is bottled (replacement of atmospheric air that might enter into contact with the wine using inert gas) are the two main elements in the winemaking process for these vintages. This means we can produce wines that are fresh, highly aromatic and drinkable. To do it, we have state-of-the-art equipment with the latest techniques.


Our philosophy

It took us almost 10 years of testing to find the right coopers and the type of oak adapted to our wines.

The casks made from wood from the forests in the Vosges, Hungary and the Caucasus provide remarkable freshness and tension, while the oak casks from wood grown in the forests of the French region of Allier, particularly the fine-grained ones, provide roundness and freshness too. It is a combination of these two great families that makes up our barrel stock.

Furthermore, new barrels only represent about 20% of our stock. The rest are barrels used between one and five times. The wines are bottled after spending between 6-18 months in the barrel.

Each barrel is tasted, noted and then allocated to a vintage.